Private label for skin care and makeup allows you to create your own brand. When searching “what skin care lines offer private labeling”, remember you are the expert and people trust your recommendations as a professional. Clients use and see your branded makeup and skincare at home and are reminded of your knowledge, service and results. Private labeling your own beauty products is a great way to build a business as well. It brings additional profits that will help your business grow faster and stronger.


  • Establishes you as the professional expert

  • More control over the products you sell
  • Builds your business
  • Reinforces client loyalty

At Contemporary Cosmetics Group, we have over 40 years of experience in helping people create their own private label beauty products and skincare lines. Many well known brands in the industry started with us as a private label makeup line and have grown into custom formulation and custom bottling customers. Our private label makeup line professionals are here to help from start to growth, and the transitions in between. At CCG we have a large selection of private label skin care and makeup products to choose from. We have over 150 lipsticks and  40 different skin care products. You will be able to find the perfect private makeup label products for the line that you create. To find out more information on what skin care lines offer private labeling or to get started with your own makeup line please reach out to us through our inquiry form.


  • Over 35 years of experience

  • In-house friendly and knowledgeable experts that love to help
  • Have guided many customers from start to growth
  • Large selection of products to create the perfect line