Charlie Marlow starts the family in the makeup manufacturing business. The company becomes a supplier to major brand houses and marketers.


Charlie Marlow is a founding member of the CIBS organization.


Mike Assante joins the beauty business and develops several products including the famous slim line lipstick and the spring loaded sponge applicators used for shoe polish.


Mike Assante grows to become a manufacturing, packaging and beauty expert. Mike becomes a YPO member.


The makeup manufacturers division grows into the separate company to be called Contemporary Cosmetic Group or CCG, the name that is still used today.


Mike Assante grows the family business to include a large selection of products manufactured in both color and treatments, with facilities reaching the size of 200,000 square feet and with over 400 employees.


Louis “Lou” Assante, Mike’s brother joins the family business with Contemporary Cosmetics Group


Lou  Assante begins running CCG day to day.


CCG is growing steadily. 


The great fire of Elmwood Park – In June 1990, lightning hit the Contemporary Cosmetic Group building resulting in a fire that caused total destruction. Contemporary looses everything. The company rents space with another Assante family business, Private Label, and relocates to Fair Lawn.  


Contemporary Cosmetics must rebuild after the fire.  Rebuilding takes years, but customers love our products and support us during the rebuild.


The company has celebrated 20th and 30th anniversaries and looks forward to the 40th.


Purchased by the Green Family. Contemporary Cosmetics Group is a family owned and operated business.