Round Magnetic Lipstick Tube | Shiny Black

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Offered in small, affordable quantities!

$1.95 each

-Shiny Black Outer 

-Shiny Black Inner Sleeve

-Department store quality 

-12.1mm cup size

Many independent beauty brands (including ours), have struggled with manufacturer’s minimum purchase requirements, which can be upwards of 15,000 pieces or beyond. Oftentimes, stocked components are inferior in quality, outdated, and excessive lead times and prohibitive fright costs can stop even the most ardent small business right in their tracks.  Until now.  At Contemporary Cosmetics Manufacturing, our objective is to help new businesses jump-start their brand with ease by offering components at a fraction of the typical minimum order.  We guarantee our products to be the most high-end, department store quality we can offer—because they are the exact same components we use in our own private label line. 

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